1054 Unknown Column Array in Field List

wibadd 30 Jan, 2019
I have been trying to figure out how to get the multi-select from the drop down to appear correctly in emails, display to a confirmation page and save to the database. I have a Handle Arrays action in the On Submit, but there are a few issues that are still occuring. In email, the array is still only displaying the last selection and has the element included. The confirmation page is also displaying "1054 UNKNOWN COLUMN 'ARRAY' IN 'FIELD LIST'". I have reviewed a few threads on this, but everything I try doesn't seem to be working.[file=C:\Users\Chad\Downloads\CFV5_FormsBackup_ON_ContactUs.cf5bak]Contact Us[/file]
wibadd 30 Jan, 2019
GreyHead 31 Jan, 2019
Hi wibadd,

Do you have the Handle Arrays action before the Email and Save Data actions?

Please add Debugger action(s) so that you can see exactly what data you have at each step.

wibadd 31 Jan, 2019
Yes, I do have the Handle Arrays before both actions. I also have a debugger, but it never displays the output - it immediately displays the 1054 error, so I cannot tell what is going on... which is why I need help.
healyhatman 31 Jan, 2019
Turn off the save data action temporarily to see your debug. But what's probably happening is you're trying to save an array to a database field and it just doesn't work that way.
wibadd 02 Feb, 2019
Not sure what happened, but I rebuilt it using the demo, and it is working now.
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