Removing tooltip/secondary labels?

Parallax911 22 Nov, 2018

I'm having an issue with "tooltips" or s"econdary labels" appearing after moving from one field to another.
The input fields and textarea are marked as Recquired (but no error message, so shouldn't appear anything except the asterix next to the labels).

See the attached sceenshots. Since the fields contains a class with spaces (not valid syntax), I'm having a problem overriding them with display:none. Does anyone know how to remove or hide these items?
GreyHead 23 Nov, 2018
Hi Parallax911 ,

You are right, class names with spaces are not correct, but these are multiple classes applied to the same element which is OK

Parallax911 23 Nov, 2018
Can't seem to edit my initial post, but here is the missing screenshot to clarify which labels I mean (the ones on the right).
I'm using ChronoForms v6 + Joomla 3.9 (accidentily mis-tagged the post as ChronoConnectivity).
healyhatman 23 Nov, 2018
If you remove the labels completely, how will your user know which field they haven't filled in?

If you absolutely must (and again, why?) then you need to use custom CSS.
div.error { display: none !important; }

Don't copy+paste from the forums it adds hidden characters.
Parallax911 24 Nov, 2018
Thanks, that did the trick 🙂

For me, it's a design choice. I feel that that the red asterix by the labels, combined with the red background color of the input fields is sufficient to communicate the required input. I'm still debating with myself the min/max lengths for each field - so it's a process stlil.
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