Simple Query

umekmt 12 Nov, 2018

I need a quote for the below very simply functionality. PM me pls.

Screen on Front End
1. Car Plate -> (Text field to be inputted by front end user) - stored as INPUT
2. [ Search Button ]

Return to front end user: YES (if record is found at the DB) or NO (if record is not found at the DB).

Backend DB Structure using RFForms.
From "o1s7v_rsform_submission_values" one need to check FieldName = "Car Number Plate" OR FieldName = "Car Number Plate 2".

If ANY single FieldValue from above table = INPUT, Return to frontend user "Yes". Else return "No".

healyhatman 08 Feb, 2019
Answered. Putting this message in so I don't see it again when searching the forum by unanswered.
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