How can I have a forward and backward button **within** each partition section please?

indieben 01 Nov, 2018
Hi, if I can be of any help in being more specific with this question, please do reply as I noticed that it has not attracted an answer. Many thanks.
healyhatman 01 Nov, 2018
Just put a button in the partition, set it to "button" instead of "submit", and in the class bit put either backward or forward
indieben 05 Nov, 2018
aha, thanks for this! Is it possible to have two buttons, side by side, one back and one forward?

healyhatman 05 Nov, 2018
Yes they should be inline by default
indieben 06 Nov, 2018
thanks for this.
indieben 02 Feb, 2019
For some reason that is not working where there is a "required" text area in the partition that needs to be disabled with disable validation? The button is disabling the validation and then not going back. On one form it works (but the previous button has to be clicked twice), on the other form, where I have checked and double checked the settings, the previous button disables the validation but will not go back to the previous partition for love nor money.
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