Display output as XML (how to set the application type) in header

mapme 23 Oct, 2018

I have KML map data stored in a MySQL table. I am using Chronoforms to call the data based on a query (DB Record Reader) and it is finding the data as expected.
The data is in an attribute called "kml_content"
I then use the {kml_content} as the only item in the HTML, and "Show HTML" is the only action.
However, this is being parsed as plain text and not XML. I've tried some solutions but I cannot get the KML/XML to parse as XML.
Is there any CF action I can use to display the data results so that the browser will pick it up as XML and not plain text?


healyhatman 23 Oct, 2018
Not that I'm aware of. Could probably sort it out in PHP though.
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