email verify using security cod

jpeters 13 Oct, 2018
i need to create a form (GDPR / AVG) registration form for al the members.
i want to do this with a form.. members don't have a Joomla user account.. i could use custom fields but its to complex for members.
So i want to create a form.. but i need to make sure that the member is who the form says he/she is..
so i need to have a verify option before the form is fild in by the user..
i think.
1. publish form.
2. multi page / section
2a. on first page field with @mail address, press next
next the user wil receive a mail message with a random security code
2b. user fills in the received security code, press next
2c. if security code is correct?.. then user gets the form wil multi fields for name , GDPR quistions, press next
2d. form closes and a pdf form is send by mail to the user with al the answers
2e. if security code is not correct?.. message displays that security code is incorrect.. try again / close form.

how can i do that.. iff i search on google.. a old chronoforms v3 plugin is talking about email verify.. but i dont see this option in v6.. and cant find the plugin
healyhatman 13 Oct, 2018
You need to store the details in a database along with the security code (you can generate one with {uuid:}). Then on the verification action, search for the database entry where the code they enter matches the code you sent them.

You can also use the "User registration" action, which includes a verification code component, which you can send to the user using {var:joomla_user#.activation} and activate the user if the code matches.
jpeters 14 Oct, 2018
Hello Healyhatman,
thank you for your response ..
the user registration is not a option for me.. the members will not have a joomla account..
so this option will drop.. otherwise i can do the registration on the user profile (custom fields)..
but its to complex for the members.. and result wil be that the don't register..

thats why i was thinking about a simple form.. but i need (law) to check / verify that the member is who he says he is..
in chronoform3 there was a plugin that can do that.. but i cant find anything about this for v6.

i just read a other posting about this... it looks like what i am looking for

but ... i am struggle with the instructions..database actions etc...
is someone so kind to create a simple form with email validation / verify .. i have a working form to see.. than i can work from there..

what schould work for me.
1. complete form page... with name, GDPR quistions, mail etc..
2. on submit.. all given data saved in Database and markt as unconfired.
a mail with verify link is send to the given mail address
3. message display about the mail he wil receive with instructions
4. when receiver clicks on the link in the mail
the saved data wil get marked as confirmed (if verify link is correct of corse) needs to be unique
pdf file wil get created and send to the receiver and to person for administration the GDPR data

thanks n advance
healyhatman 14 Oct, 2018
you can either read the guide and learn how to do it yourself or pay someone like me to do it for you. I'm not doing all of that for free.
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