Wrong amount on paypal connection page

takh 11 Oct, 2018

My customer I have a CV4 + paypal plugin that work fine since a long time. But since a few days the amount when access to the paypal connection page is wrong (higher than the real one).
Is there a know reason for that problem ?

Thanks in advance
GreyHead 11 Oct, 2018
Hi Eric,

Maybe the validation for the PayPal action has failed somehow - in that case the amount will be randomised 1x 2 x 3x or 4x the amount entered.

takh 15 Oct, 2018
Hi Bob

yes, but could it have something to deal with the recent change of TLS > TLS 1.2 ... as nothing has been updated with the paypal plugin ?

Thx - Eric
GreyHead 16 Oct, 2018
Hi Eric,

Not as far as I know.

Adding a Debugger might give you some info about what is being sent to PayPal.

takh 24 Oct, 2018
Hi Bob,

On the Paypal redirect Action, I have set up the Debug only to yes, ans put a debugger just after the action.
The amount shown in the url is wrong, but the amount passed in the form->data is the right one.

What makes me doubt is that the last valid paypal transaction dates from June 26, 2018, which corresponds to the date from which paypal announced to make the change, simple coincidence?

Thx - Eric
GreyHead 24 Oct, 2018
Hi takh,

Could it be that the PayPal action is no longer validated with ChronoForms? The free 'trial' version randomises the amount by multiplying it. That might explain what is happening here.

takh 24 Oct, 2018
indeed, I've the red message that says Your ChronoForms install at ....... is NOT Validated
But there is always the validation key

Thx - Eric
GreyHead 25 Oct, 2018
Hi Eric,

The problem will be with the validation of the PayPal action - not with ChronoForms itself (at least I don't think so).

takh 25 Oct, 2018
Hi Bob,Yes it is what I suspected, but the paypal action is a plugin for chronoforms and developped by ChonoEngine, no ? Is there a way to know if the problem could come from this plugin in a surely way ? and what could be done ?

Thanks - Eric
GreyHead 28 Oct, 2018
Hi Eric,

Yes the PayPal action is a ChronoForms plug-in and it used to have a separate validation. Recently Max - the owner and developer - has changed that to include the validation in the main form subscription. I wonder if some change here has caused your action validation to fail. That night happen if you had validated the action alone but not the form component.

Please ask Max using the Contact menu above and linking to this thread.

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