Problem with insert query

univ 01 Oct, 2018
hi get by email all completed forms debug.

this is my regular insert query:

[_success] => Data saved successfully
[log] => Array

[0] => INSERT INTO `cth_chronoforms_mytable` (`cf_created`, `cf_created_by`, `codice_fiscale`, `codice_fiscale_calcolato`, `nome`, `cognome`, `sesso`, `data_nascita`, `comune_nascita`, )values ...............

this is my random insert query

[_success] => Data saved successfully
[log] => Array
[0] => INSERT INTO `cth_chronoforms_mytable` (`cf_created`, `cf_created_by`) values ('2018-09-28 10:37:07', '0');

[var] => Array
[cf_created] => 2018-10-01 10:20:44
[cf_created_by] => 0
[codice_fiscale] => BLABLALBLABLA
[codice_fiscale_calcolato] => BLABLALBLABLA
[cognome] => BLABLALBLABLA
[sesso] => F
[data_nascita] => BLABLALBLABLA
[comune_nascita] => BLABLALBLABLA

healyhatman 02 Oct, 2018
......... And? what's the problem?
univ 02 Oct, 2018
In the DB i'have empty record with only two field (cf_created and cf_created_by) and in the debug i'have all data completed .
I would like to know how i s possible that insert query has only two field.
healyhatman 02 Oct, 2018
1) Clear chronoforms cache
2) Make sure your database fields are the right data type
3) Post a screenshot of your save data action
univ 02 Oct, 2018
About cache i use tihis script before save.
<?php$cache = JFactory::getCache('com_chronoforms');$cache->clean();?> 
Data type with more of 3000 saved record i think that it's right. So i check it I did not find anything unusual.
healyhatman 03 Oct, 2018
So I can't actually see what's in your save data action buddy.

And you shouldn't need to be cleaning the cache every time.
univ 10 Oct, 2018
What's do you need about action buddy?
there are problem if i delete cache everytime?
healyhatman 10 Oct, 2018
You're saying there's a problem with your save data action, but haven't actually shown what's in it.

And cache is supposed to help speed your site up, defeats the purpose of you delete it every time you make a request
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