Saving and returning to an open form

itpates 28 Sep, 2018
I am creating a form with Chronoconnectivity v6 that users save periodically while they are using it, and can revisit later in the day or the next day to save and/or submit. The idea is they can close their browser and/or access from another computer, or even the next day and not lose their entry.

I would like the form to remain in edit mode after the Save button is clicked and database updated. I have this working on previously saved forms that are being edited, calling the same form by the ID after the update function is called, but new forms are more difficult. Their ID is left blank so the SQL auto-increments to the next available ID. Since this form app will be used by multiple locations - that next available ID could be different from an entry one or another of the locations have created, so just grabbing the last ID from the list and redisplaying that won't work. Manually assigning IDs could be a challenge for the same multi-user circumstances. Thoughts? Currently after a new form is saved, the user is redirected back to a list from which they have to re-open the form to edit. I would like to eliminate that step if possible.
healyhatman 29 Sep, 2018
If the users are logged in, tie the entry to their user id. If they're not, save a {uuid:} to the database as an identifier and email them a link to it.
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