On change event of a calendar field triggers apparently on select.

sharknado 28 Sep, 2018
I'm using Chonoforms v6 and i'm having issues with the onchange event inside calendar fields.
I have 2 calendar fields and i've set the 2nd one to trigger on change a JS function but instead of triggering it after the change is done it is triggering as soon as the field is clicked before any dates were chosen in the datepicker. It only trickers if i click in the field once again.

Can you please advise what could be the issue?

Thank you.
healyhatman 30 Sep, 2018
That's just how it is. Super annoying. Try manually binding your function to the onBlur of the field instead.
sharknado 01 Oct, 2018
Thank you very much, i've done as suggested and it worked.
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