Google-Docs like functionality

itpates 21 Sep, 2018
Is it possible to have a form that saves a copy to the database so the user can return to it later to edit and/or submit it? I have something set up where they have to click the save button. While they may have the form open most of the day, if it gets closed I want to preserve their "order" so they can return to it and complete it.
GreyHead 21 Sep, 2018
Hi itpates,

You can save the form data in a database table using the Save Data action - but to do that the data has to be submitted, typically by clicking a Submit/Save button.

I think that it would be possible to 'auto-save' the data from an open form every so often using custom JavaScript to read it and to do an Ajax submit. I've never tried to do that though.

itpates 21 Sep, 2018
Would Connectivity be better suited for that?
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