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lf14web 11 Sep, 2018
in this form under construction, selecting one of the firsts option, I would like that in the second radio groups 2 update the selected automatically

Into backend:
radio groups 1

radio groups 2

In setup

​what am I doing wrong?

here the form:

healyhatman 12 Sep, 2018
Need a custom code action after PHP with {view:field_radio6}
lf14web 12 Sep, 2018
Hi healyhatman,
I've insert the istruction {view:field_radio6} but the result its the same: when I check one of the firsts radiobuttons group the second disappear🙂

Could you help me to resolve this issue?

healyhatman 12 Sep, 2018
You should also rename php7 to options if you want to access it using {var:options}
lf14web 12 Sep, 2018
Nothing yet. Doesn't work😟
healyhatman 12 Sep, 2018
Sorry meant {view:field_radios6}
lf14web 12 Sep, 2018
Ok thank You healyhatman!
now work it, with a little issue:
1) the first check ok
2) if I change my choice into first radiobuttons group, the second don't update the select

lf14web 13 Sep, 2018
Please could you to help me to resolve the latest issue?
healyhatman 13 Sep, 2018
Seems you have a reload event on Tipologia di locale with no attached event, so when you select that it reloads the calotta field incorrectly and loses the events attached to it.
lf14web 17 Sep, 2018
Hi healyhatman,
I undestand what you mean, but not how to fix it🙂

In Tipologia di locale, I've this settings, so when change my choice I ask to relado the calotta radios group:

Seems that when I make a second choiche I don't assigne correctly the new value because now the value calotte is true and don't update:

Can You to help me to find the error?

Thank You!
healyhatman 17 Sep, 2018
When you change Tipologia di locale you're reloading Tipo di calotta with the same reload event you use for Tipo di diffusore, so you end up with two copies of the same field, at least in the form backup you uploaded. Make sure the custom code block with {view:field_radios#} is for the correct field.
lf14web 18 Sep, 2018
Hi healyhatman,
I upload a new version of this form, because I don't understand what you mean🙂
lf14web 19 Sep, 2018
Do you have some update?🙂
healyhatman 19 Sep, 2018
In the Custom Code action, ABOVE {view: field_radios6} put

lf14web 19 Sep, 2018
Now Work fine!
Thank a lot!
lf14web 24 Sep, 2018
Hi healyhatman,[file=11001]Calcolo_Prestazioni_24_Sep_2018_04_31_30.cf6bak[/file]
I'm sorry but I've another question about this form.

Now I tried to add a new event, when changing "Altezza Locale" dynamically select "Tipo di diffusore".

Unfortunately, there is an interference and the radio button are update with optcalotta value.

What's the error now?
healyhatman 24 Sep, 2018
Maybe have a look at the reload event you've put in for Tipo di diffusore.
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