Can I use ECC+ with Chronoforms v5?

margknox 10 Sep, 2018
I'd like to use the Joomla extension ECC+ (easycalccheck plus) with a Chronoforms v5 form. Can do this?
GreyHead 16 Sep, 2018
Hi margknox,

I know nothing about ECC - what exactly do you need to do?

margknox 18 Sep, 2018
It's for security. Among other things it has a hidden form field: spambots see all fields and fill them all out, so if the hidden field is filled out it gets logged as spam and rejected. There is also a time lock: spambots fill in forms in a matter of seconds, so if the form is filled out quicker than a human can do it, it's logged as spam and rejected.
GreyHead 18 Sep, 2018
Hi Margknox,

ChronoForms has a Honeypot security setting that does the first of these; I guess that you could add the second easily enough by adding a hidden input with a timecode set when the page loads and checking that in the server-side validation on submit.

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