A simple Y/N question about dynamic data and multipliers

CrystalFrontier 17 Aug, 2018
Hello to all

Is it possible to set up a dropdown menu to send dynamic data to another dropdown menu in a multiplier field? I know it's possible for other dropdowns - already got them working.

Case in point: If a registering delegation, e.g. 'China' signs up with three teams e.g. 'China A', 'China B' and 'China C' and signs up 13 delegates. In a multiplier environment for each delegate, a dropdown should occur next to the delegate's name field, in which the handler can assign each to a team name 'China A, B, or C.', the data set I entered for the original 'China' delegation dropdown. (Value=China, action=Set Options, field ID: sthsth_##_sth_team, values=names etc...).

With a corresponding code, it's probably possible. But I'm with Chronoforms because I can't code😀

If not, I'll just have to find other ways on how handlers can assign teams to delegates, but I consider this to be a rather elegant one.

Thanks for your advice!
GreyHead 18 Aug, 2018
Hi Christopher,

You could probably do that with Javascript but it might be simpler to make this a multi-page form where the second page shows the list of delegates with their drop-downs.

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