Validation rules

Crams 15 Aug, 2018
Hi again! I'm working with custom validations and I noticed the standard function may receive (value, param) and I'm wondering how to send the param value from the "Validation rules" box in the field settings...
...or maybe multiple vars for the function to handle?

healyhatman 16 Aug, 2018
Following, because I'm interested in the answer.
Crams 23 Aug, 2018
Still wondering... 😛
Crams 28 Aug, 2018
This is what I found out. In the field validation rules you can pass parameters this way:
fncustom['anything']:validation message.

so if you have for example the user id saved in lets say "php22" you could do something like this:
fncustom[{var:php22}]:validation message.

that's it!
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