Change text/page when form is not published

Tarrel 31 Jul, 2018
Hi Guys,

I have a (older) joomla website ( and a new joomla subdomain (
On the old site I have several forms in V5 and on the new one I have 1 form in V6.

In V5 I have somehow created a different page for when a form is not published anymore. But I have no idea how I did that, I can't find it anywhere anymore...

I want to create the same kind of page on my new subdomain in V6, other than the default text: Error, form does not exist or is not published.
Is there a way to do this?

Example of my own error-page in V5:
Example of the default error-page in V6:

Thanks for your assistance
GreyHead 01 Aug, 2018
Hi Tarrel,

I've never tried to do that. The simplest solution may be to add a ReDirect action to the start of the form On Load event and leave it published.

Tarrel 01 Aug, 2018
Hi Bob,

Thanks for your quick reply. It's another way but it works great.

Thanks for you help.
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