Call an "outside" extension like Joomla Contact

doromi 29 Jun, 2018

I'm using the Joomla extension Contact to get nice contact information on my pages.
I can add these contacts to content pages or categories by entering {contact contactperson}.

Now I would like to use this extension in my forms and connectivities as well.
But I have no idea how - if I enter the code in a function, be it Custom code or PHP, and call it in an event,
then I only see the text {contact contactperson}, but not the contact information behind it.

Any idea which tool in Chronoconnectivity I should use to call an "outside" extension?
(And does that perhaps work in Chronoforms as well?)

Thanks in advance,

GreyHead 29 Jun, 2018
Hi Doris,

If you are using CFv5 there is a Joomla Plugins action that you can add to a form event. I don't think that there is an equivalent for CFv6 or for ChronoConnectivity??

doromi 29 Jun, 2018
Hi Bob,

thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately you are right - there is no Joomla Plugin action in CFv6 or CCv6...

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