Get the array of fields from area element Group

cambium 20 Jun, 2018
I have area element Group in my form. It includes some fields by different types (text and textarea).
How to get these fields as array (field names and values) from Group? (i use PHP action on load event and need this array with these fields).

Thanks a lot in advance
GreyHead 21 Jun, 2018
Hi s.elena133,

I'm not sure I understand but you can give a group of elements array names e.g. group[name] group[email] etc. if that helps.

cambium 21 Jun, 2018
Hi, Bob!

I did not understand how to use these examples correctly.
But i created the simple array with elements, which are corresponding to input names i need.

But i want to read some information about Group area element. How can it use to and what cases?
Can you give me some link to any info about it?

Many many thanks for your answers
GreyHead 21 Jun, 2018
Hi s.elena,

I have no idea what a Group does - and there doesn't seem to be anything in the Manual about them.

Does it do anything more that group some form elements together?

cambium 21 Jun, 2018
Hi, Bob
To tell the truth, i did not understand too what the Group to use for.
It has only label field of settings (besides of permissions) and the body area.

i not found any information about it too. I used it at this form as a container for some inputs.
GreyHead 22 Jun, 2018
Hi s.elena,

If you set the form data values to have the same names as the inputs in your PHP action then CF should match the data to the inputs.

cambium 22 Jun, 2018
Hi Bob!

I have the little different case.
I'm going to post my form on the full category of articles.
All these inputs (text and textarea), which are the Group included, are auxiliary (i going to think how to throw up them at all). Values for them are geting from two related data base tables. In Joomla they are values of custom fields and not necessarily be filled for each particular article of the category (it checked with function by id).

If the custom fields of current article are filled in, everything is ok and the values will be taken from the fields_values table. If aren't, values will be taken from the fields table (with help by other read data action, which added to notfound event of main read data action).

Main input element of my form what is used by user, is radio buttons group, which values are corresponding with names of custom fields in Joomla articles.
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