Both chronoform4 and 6 wont submit from module.

rotanadan 01 Jun, 2018
I had a modular form that was working for years and suddenly stopped.

It was CF4 so after a while of tinkering I gave up and replaced it with a CF6 form. Same result, it doesn't even seem to submit, just reloads the page. Is the form action correct? I cant get it to hit debug or save the submission to the DB which makes me think its not working at all.
GreyHead 01 Jun, 2018
Hi rotanadan ,

Does the form work from the Preview link? If so then the problem is most likely with the Action URL. Please try adding {url:} to the Action URL box and see if that fixes the problem.

rotanadan 01 Jun, 2018
Thanks, it was an issue with SH404 modifying the action link, I got it sorted.
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