Only one file attached with multi file selected

Dakdak 24 May, 2018

I have the same issue of this topic

My setup :

Desingner-tab : file field multi file select = yes and file16
Setup-tab : Auto upload file fields enable and the name is upload11
In email section :
Auto attach file enable
Under attachment list : {var:upload11.file16.[n].path}

The form working fine but load on the serveur and attach on mail only one file

Thanks very much
Best regards
healyhatman 24 May, 2018
The file field name needs the end in square brackets[]
Dakdak 25 May, 2018
Thanks Healyhatman,

I tried all possibilities with or without the square brackets but my concern remains the same
only one file is downloaded and attached to the email

Best regards
healyhatman 25 May, 2018

Under attachment list : {var:upload11.file16.[n].path}

Get rid of the attachment list
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