CF Version 6 Email not sending

zachashley 08 May, 2018
I've built a form with a verified version of CF 6 and placed an email event in the submit section and it's not working. It's enabled and the email address is valid. The Debugger isn't reporting anything about an email action. Any help you can offer is appreciated.


Debugger text follows:

    [option] => com_chronoforms6
    [chronoform] => call-for-abstracts
    [event] => submit
    [firstname] => Zach
    [lastname] => Ashley
    [title] => BNP IT TEST
    [company] => BNP Media
    [address] => 2401 W. Big Beaver Rd
    [city] => Troy
    [state] => MI
    [zip] => 48084
    [country] => US
    [phone] => 2482199480
    [extension] => 
    [email] =>
    [speakerfirstname] => 
    [speakerlastname] => 
    [speakertitle] => 
    [speakercompany] => 
    [speakerphone] => 
    [speakeremail] => 
    [topic] => NAPL Source Zone Characterization and Remediation
    [topic2nd] => Managing Acid Mining Drainage
    [sessiontitle] => Things
    [abstract] => Things
    [bio] => Things
    [headshot] => 20170415_142538.jpg
    [student] => Yes
    [student_presentation] => Yes
    [exposure] => Mentor
    [comments] => 
    [button64] => 
    [Itemid] => 
GreyHead 08 May, 2018
Hi Zach,

Perhaps the Email action isn't enabled? Or the form logic is set so that it isn't being run?

zachashley 08 May, 2018
It's definitely enabled. I'm not sure what you mean about form logic. Where would I check that?
healyhatman 08 May, 2018
As in look at what you have in the Setup tab, and make sure that the email action is actually reached.
zachashley 09 May, 2018

Here's a screen cap of my email set up.
twhite 23 May, 2018
see if this helps
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