two domainnames on one website

Vulcane 09 Apr, 2018
Hi Guys

I have 2 domainnames ("" and "") on one website.I bought a license for "" and activated it.
But now I get an error on my other domainname.
How do I resolve this so that the license works on both domain names?
Please help?

Vulcane 09 Apr, 2018
On one?
I dont believe I am the first who run into this problem.

GreyHead 10 Apr, 2018
Hi Vulcane,

I have no idea what the answer is to this - not a question I've seen before. You will need Max to answer it. He is travelling at present, you might get a faster reply if you ask using the Contact Us menu above and link to this thread.

marce 10 Apr, 2018

I have a similar issue with a domain and

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