Problems setting links in textarea field using wysiwig editor (and more!)

skittle posted Mar 26, 2018 at 12:49
I have found multiple problems involving the wysiwyg editorand the textarea field in CFv6.
1) After entering a link using the wysiwyg editor link tool, if the the link is the last item displayed in the textarea, it will be truncated after the entire CFv6 record is saved. A workaround is to add an extra character after the link.
2) After entering more than one link using the wysiwyg editor tool, only the first link is displayed. In fact, adding additional links adds malformed html code to the textarea which 'breaks' my view of these records using CCv6. I am unable to find a workaround for this.
3) As another user reported earlier in this CFv6 Bugs Forum, if multiple textarea fields are configured to use the wysiwyg editor, only the last textarea field will actually display the editor. I also posted this finding to thread that he started.
I really need to be able to display multiple links in a single textarea. Please help!
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