Partitions area Forward and Back buttons - how to make it working?

artsapiens 26 Mar, 2018
Hi there!

First of all thank you for your brilliant component!

I've recently purchased Chronoforms license and constructing my form. Initially I've tried and succeeded to make multipage form, including back/forward buttons.

But then I discovered Partitions area element, and now I'm trying to make same form using only this element to avoid multi page setup. What I cannot make to work is simple navigation between parts that are listed in partitions list. I found some answer here on forum that I just need to add button to Footer area and that's it. But when I added button, it acts just as simple submit button - submits the form with first part's data, doesn't open any next steps.

How exactly must be added buttons to footer area so that they would act as prev/next and submit form only when last part is filled?

(joomla 3.8.6)

Thanks in advance!
artsapiens 28 Mar, 2018
While waiting for moderation I found answer by myself, if somebody is looking for solution: add two buttons to footer area, add class "backward" or "forward" accordingly. (check the picture attached)
amheng5 04 May, 2018
My questions is how to prevent the "next" button on the last tab I use to submit. Is this possible?
amheng5 04 May, 2018
Found solution. Just add the buttons to bottom of each "Part#" of the Partition area. Just what I was looking for.
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