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Problem with Menu Joomla & Published Form

ivanti 29 Aug, 2017

I use Chronoforms V 5.0.16. I have one form with a lot of field.
On Submit I have placed the Action LoadForm to anther form named "riepilogo". In this form there are two page:
Page1: CustomCode for display html page with all field
Page2: CostumCode and TCPDF to generate PDF with a link to download it and one button to save all field and PDFname into DB.
Every page have Multipage and HaddleArray Action on the top and Authenticator with all other action inside On Success.
When I link the first form to a Menu in Joomla, I can view only First Form and the first page of second form (riepilogo).
When I click on button of second page, the form return on first form.

001: First Form -> First Page
002: Second Form -> Firs Page
003: First Form -> First Page (another)
Every time change the URL. I think there is a problem in the URL.

What can I do?

Thank You
GreyHead 30 Aug, 2017
Hi Ivan,

I suggest that you set up menu items for each form page or event then you can use these in the ReDirect actions and the form Action URLs to avoid the problems you are having with SEF URLs.

You can set the form name and event in the Menu Item Options tab.

This should give you complete control over the submissions and redirections.

ivanti 30 Aug, 2017
Hi Bob,

Now I've used the External URL Menu and it works correctly.
I try to do as you told me and let you know.
Thanks so much

ivanti 30 Aug, 2017
Hello everyone,
I had change the Action URL in HtmlRender Form with Alias of Menu Item, and set Event Name in OptionTab as Bob suggested me.
I used three menu item:
1. Form 1 -> event -> load
2. Form 2 -> event -> load
3. Form 2 -> event -> pagepdf

For me if you used Captcha on second form before submit and go to second page (menu-item), you need to use Redirect instead of Event Loop.

It works fine.
Thank You a Lot.
GreyHead 30 Aug, 2017
Hi Ivan,

With the Event Loop you can also change the event that is 'looped' to - the default is 'load' but you can change that to another event if necessary.

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