multi-partition form saving to DB

Vauthe 27 Aug, 2017

I'm trying to save a multipartition form using the standard submit button. The forms are currently saving the data from the first partition, but it does not save the answers to the second and 3rd partition.

I'm sure its a simple setting or additional module I don't have added - theres a lot of documentation on multi-page, but I'm not sure that applies here.

GreyHead 28 Aug, 2017
Hi Vauthe,

You can either use a DB Save action when each page is submitted (my preferred method); or you can use the Multi Page actions to carry the data fromward from one page to the next and then save at the end.

If you use the first method you have to add the new record ID to the form data after the first DB Save to make sure that the same record is updated later.

webcrea 13 Oct, 2017
Hi grayHead,

How to have the last inser id?

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