v6: Display a message when somthing is typed in a text field

jcm69 04 Aug, 2017
how to display a message when something is entered in a text field ? Not really a pop-up but that's the idea. Just some text.
Sorry I'm a little bit lost newbie,
Thanks in advance,
jcm69 04 Aug, 2017
Well... answering my question... We will create a button that will be initially hidden and then specify an event for the text field that will switch the button to visible (not hidden).
- As the designer, put hidden in the Class field of the button. I just tried and it worked... I haven't see that in the doc. So not sure this is the official (and time stable) way...
- In the Text field, goto Events, select Change in the On field, select Show as the Action and enter the Id of your button in the Element Identifier.
Thanks jc🙂
Max_admin 05 Aug, 2017
Hi JC,

Adding a hidden class to the button is fine.

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ChronoForms developer...
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