how to submit field added to table-view among

seppo 02 Aug, 2017
Sorry there's wrong tag here, should've been ChronoConnectivity v6, but I cannot change it after submission, nor to delete this post to post another with correct tagging.. :/

This is a duplicate question of one I asked in anther thread, but moved it to here to keep subjects apart for help of others seeking for same problem,

In a table-view, there is an editable text-field, which is added there with _edit within Columns list. When submitting the form, this field submits OK, and the changed value is updated to database.
But the dropdown in same row in same table does not get submitted, at least it's new value is not updated to database. The difference is, that this dropdown is added to table as field-view in Columns views (as in Model.field_name:{view:field-view} ). How to get this field to be submitted along with other field in the table?
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