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Maxvl 31 Jul, 2017

In the latest versions of Joomla, you can add additional fields to the user profile.
The values of the added fields can not be displayed using {user: USER_PARAM}

New fields and their values stored in a table ххх_fields_values

Please tell me how to customize autocomplete fields with values from the new user field?

Thank you
GreyHead 31 Jul, 2017
Hi Maxvl,

I believe that you would need to read the user_fields_values tables to get the values saved for a particular user ID. Then they will be available in the form data as usual.

Maxvl 02 Aug, 2017
Hi, Bob!

Added Read Data and specified the table xxx_fields_values. Restricted to user.
The result displays all the values by user.

How to limit also on id (field_id = 3)?

Thank you
GreyHead 02 Aug, 2017
Hi Maxvl ,

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question: "How to limit also on id (field_id = 3)?"

Maxvl 02 Aug, 2017
xxx_fields_values is composed:

• field_id - new field number
• item_id - this is user id
• value - new field values

The data is output on the field item_id

Need to display data for new field - field_id = 3

What you need to specify for the output to be on field_id = 3?
healyhatman 09 Aug, 2017
If your model name in your read data action is called GetField, then:

Under Filtering settings->Where conditions you put GetField.item_id{user:id} which would give you the record matching the current user's id.

Under Data settings->Fields to retrieve you put GetField.field_id (or whatever the name of the field is whose value you want)

Then to use it I guess it would be {var:GetField} or something I don't know.
healyhatman 14 Aug, 2017
Just for everyone who might want to know. To SAVE data into one of the new User->fields

First you need the ID of the field. In the Joomla backend go Users->Fields. All the fields you added should be listed, with the ID on the far right.

On your form, under setup, put in a Save Data action wherever you need it to go.

Model name: Doesn't matter, put whatever
Database table: (your prefix)_fields_values
Data provider: {data:} (Or {session:multipage} if you need values from an earlier page of a multipage form, might not let you get the user id then I don't know)
Data override on Insert:
field_id:(the id from earlier)
value:{source:field} e.g. {data:fieldname} or {session:multipage.fieldname} or {var:functionname}
Data override on Update: value:{source:field}
Update conditions: item_id:{user:id} this says "update the records where the item_id matches the current user's id"

UNTICK "Auto manage the data table" and "Auto save fields"
Maxvl 18 Aug, 2017
Thank you
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