Multi field style

giulia72 25 Jul, 2017
I have insterted in my form a multi fields with 9 checkboxes.

All the checkboxes appear in 2 lines and very closer so it is difficult to read in the form.

Is there a simple way to show the cheboxes in vertical and not horizontal?

Please don't suggest any php, js script ...code as I'm not an expert unless you have a clear example that I could use

Thank you
GreyHead 25 Jul, 2017
Hi Giulia72,

In both CFv5 and CFv6 there are settings in the element to display the Checkboxes vertically or horizontally.

giulia72 25 Jul, 2017
Hi Bob
maybe I was not clear

I have a multi-field , inside this multi-filed I have 9 separated checkboxes (not checkbox group with layout option)
All the checkboxes are showed horizontally in 2 lines

The checkbox field doesn't have any layout option (see the encloed image)

Hope it is clear
GreyHead 25 Jul, 2017
Hi Giulia,

Surely the purpose of the multi-filed is to show them horizontally??
If you want them vertically then you can use individual checkboxes, or better, a Checkbox Group.

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