Error number 1054

girlsome 11 Jul, 2017
I just found ChronoConnectivity tonight. I think it is just what I need. We were about to write some custom code to all our church secretary to be able to update a table of our classes and small groups. This looks like it will fill the need, and we won't have to write the custom code.

The install and a first, very quick attempt at a simple display worked fine. The problem comes when we click on "show data" in the back end. The following error is displayed.

DB function failed with error number 1054
Unknown column 'id' in 'order clause' SQL=SELECT * FROM jos_ctsmallgroups ORDER BY id LIMIT 0,20

I do not have an ID field in the table we are using, and I can not find where to eliminate it from the ORDER BY clause in the back end. (I haven't looked at the code yet.) Could the ORDER BY clause be made configurable like there WHERE BY clause?

GreyHead 11 Jul, 2017
Hi George,

First click the Delete Cache icon in the Forms Manager toolbar to make sure that the CF records for the table are up to date.

Second, in the Models tab there is a Fields box where you can add a comma-separated list of column names to load.

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