MySQLi doesn't work without error

rafirtech 09 Jul, 2017
Need to use MySQLi on my site but cannot get it to work with Chronoforms v5 without a error “Could not connect to MySQL”.

MySQL (PDO) works fine but I need to use MySQLi for another extension I'm running.

Any help with this would be most appreciated.

I have looked at the other instances of this topic in the forum without finding an answer other than use MySQL (PDO).

background info
Upgraded forms from v4 to v5
Joomla 3.7.3
PHP 5.6.29
GreyHead 10 Jul, 2017
Hi rafirtech,

I haven't seen this before. Either the MySQLi or PDO drivers should work correctly with CFv5. And the PHO driver should work with a MySQLi database.

If you turn site debugging on do you see anything helpful in the Joomla! debugger output?

rafirtech 10 Jul, 2017
Ok, tried that but all that comes up is the standard "Could not connect to MySQL." and no other debug info.
I'm using Chronoform v5 on a number of sites and all have the same problem on all.
I've cleared cache as well on each test.

One consistent thing in all is I use Rockettheme template. All worked fine in Chronoform v4 with MySQLi and when I updated to Chronoform v5 I had to change to MySQLi PDO to make them work.

thank you for your time on this issue
rafirtech 10 Jul, 2017
One more time just tested setting up a brand new new installation of Joomla (MySQLi) using Protostar template and received "Could no connect to MySQL" when loading Component Chronoform v5.

GreyHead 11 Jul, 2017
HI rafirtech,

Sorry, I have no suggestions - ChronoForms should work OK with any of the standard Joomla! MySQL drivers :-(

Do the server logs give any clues about exactly where this is happening?

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