Can only save the first item in the On Submit

coulling 05 Jul, 2017
I have been using Chrono forms for some time. I have forms using V4 and V5. I have looked at V6 but it is a bit over my head right now.
I am creating a new form which is a simple many question form like I have done in the past, but this one will not let me save anything past the first item for the On Submit in the setup.
At first, I had save to database but then it would not let me save emails. Then I deleted the save to database and added an email and it saved....but when I tried to add another email it would not save. Nor would it let me add save to database back and save.

Did something change?

I really need this form up very soon.

Thanks for any thoughts or input.

GreyHead 06 Jul, 2017
Hi Dave,

The setup in the image looks OK. Please try adding a Debugger action and dragging it up before the Email action to see if that gives any clues - setting your Site Error Reporting to Maximum temporarily might also help.

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