System messages not shown on Ajax forms and Captcha not shown after event load

healyhatman 21 Jun, 2017
When you set the form submission type to Ajax, and have messages shown in the system bar (messages on their own, or within success/fail sections of Validate Data actions) those messages are not shown. They will show if you refresh the page.

When you set the form submission type to Ajax, and have an event loader reload the page (for example, if validation fails), the google captcha fails to load.

All these things work properly when the form does not use Ajax. I could turn Ajax off, but I like the loading spinning circle that comes up with an Ajax form, that Ic an't get to work with a non-ajax form.
Max_admin 22 Jun, 2017
Hi healyhatman,

You can solve the first issue by setting the message to be displayed in "body".

There is no solution for the Google recaptcha with AJAX yet.

You can get the spinner by assigning an onclick event to the submit button, I have already posted the code for this some where on the forums recently, please let me know if you can not find it.

Best regards,
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
healyhatman 23 Jun, 2017
There's nowhere to set the message display location in the actions (check nocaptcha, validate fields etc).

A link would be appreciated for the loading code, since the one I found was for v5 and I couldn't make it work.
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