WYSIWYG editor do not work in Multiplier

tempus 06 Jun, 2017
I have two textarea fields with WYSIWYG enabled in the multiplier container.
I am adding new entries, but somehow these textarea fields looks like fully functional and do not respond on clicking.
&tmpl=component does not solve the problem; fields are active; same fields not in multiplier works good.
What should it be? Please advice.
GreyHead 06 Jun, 2017
Hi tempus,

The WYSIWYG editor is loaded when the page loads and - at that time - your multiplier elements don't exist. You could possibly do this with custom JavaScript, otherwise plain textareas will work OK.

tempus 07 Jun, 2017
Is it necessary to make custom event in the form setup? Unfortunately i don't know how to write javascript. Can you please help me with it or just show some samples?

Thank you
Max_admin 15 Jun, 2017
Hi tempus,

If you can rebuild the form in v6 (you can keep your v5 form, install v6 on the same website and test it) then you can add a button beside your textarea which when clicked can enable the wysiwyg editor (provided that you use the tinymce editor included in Chronoforms).

Would this be a satisfying solution for you ?

Best regards,
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
tempus 16 Jun, 2017
Hi Max!

This form is a big one. I will try to make it in CF v6 and then write about result here.

Thank you for advice
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