ChronoForms V4 and Joomla 7

jjspelman 01 Jun, 2017
HI, we have about 20 RFQ forms, as well as a contact form, on this site - they do not seem to be working any longer. The last submission we received was May 20. Since then nothing.

So i tested a few forms and sure enough they are not going through. i can fill out the form and submit it. But the page simply reloads with the form again. I get no thank you message, there are no notifications and nothing is being written to the table.

Thinking it was because we were running Joomla 3.6.5, we updated to 3.7.2 and still nothing. Then I read a thread which recommended updating to V4.07. I did this but still nothing.

Is there anything I am missing? Besides updating to the latest CF version 6? These are all custom forms so they would need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Except the contact form isn't working either.

Also, all the admin buttons inside CFV4 are missing icons. Please see screen shot.

I'm stumped.

Any thoughts?

I can send admin info if need be.

GreyHead 02 Jun, 2017
Hi jjspelman,

I'm not aware of any particular problems with CFv4 on Joomla! 3 - from your description it sounds as though it might be a problem with SEF URLs - do the forms work from the Test or View form links in the Forms Manager?

Can you post a link to a page with a form in it - i had a quick look at the site but didn't see one.

jjspelman 02 Jun, 2017
Thanks, Bob. I think at this point we are finally going to upgrade to V6. I use it on another site and was able to incorporate some great features.

That being said, can you offer any suggestions or advice on moving these forms to V6? They were all custom forms brought into V4 from an HTML site.

here is one of the many forms being used:
jjspelman 02 Jun, 2017
Ideally, I would like to get these forms to work while I recreate them in V6, if possible so they do not lose any potential leads.
jjspelman 02 Jun, 2017

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