Send the coordinates via google maps

Miri03 01 Jun, 2017
I have two fields
Latitude (text10) and Longitude (text11)

I want to include a geolocation map and google maps search. And when the user moves to google map and click on a point, fills automatically coordinate fields, he must send.

I admit,
I'm not a programmer and If you have patience, to explain how to do it
Miri03 03 Jun, 2017
Nobody can help me, 😲 It would be enough even just a map with the marker to find the coordinates and that automatically fill in the Latitude / Longitude fields
GreyHead 03 Jun, 2017
Hi Miri03,

I haven't tried doing this with CFv6 - there are some FAQs and forum posts with similar code for earlier versions. I expect that one of those can be adapted.

Miri03 03 Jun, 2017
Thank you. I have version CFv6
I tried so much before writing on the forum, but I did not find a solution.

Then I expect you to upgrade the component, or you can send me some temporary solutions.
It would be great If you could integrate this feature in the next versions. πŸ˜‰

Thank you
ftpaul 18 Jul, 2017
I'm wondering the same thing. It's easy to display a map on the form but no way to get a coordinate pin to fill out other fields with street address.
Max_admin 19 Jul, 2017

I will try to add this feature in the next update, you may send me a message using the contact page to get the new action update "once its finished".

Best regards,
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
Miri03 11 Nov, 2017

Ho due campi
Latitude (text10) e Longitudine (text11)

Voglio includere una mappa di geolocalizzazione e una ricerca Google mappe. E quando l'utente si sposta verso la mappa di Google e fai clic su un punto, riempie automaticamente i campi di coordinamento, deve inviare.

io non sono un programmatore e se hai pazienza, spieghi come farlo

sorry for the quote of the request, but I wanted to know,
whether there is a solution or not?
it's very important for me
IamJim 08 Apr, 2019
I am, And I do not have time, to work on something, that I did not build out nor be involved in the codine of [ChronoForms] as I am looking for similar, but Zip code to zip coe entry [at least] and then input google maps mileage
1) Draw the route
2) Get the Distance and output
Hey Max? lol
healyhatman 09 Apr, 2019
Not sure why you felt the need to resurrect a 2 year old thread and give a useless solution haha.
Jam it in with HTML block and a Javascript block
peppelaria 15 May, 2019
Hi, how can I pass options to google maps widget in order to see the marker related to entered coordinates?
Thanks so mutch
healyhatman 15 May, 2019
The widget doesn't accept coordinates it takes place IDs.
peppelaria 16 May, 2019
I tried to put the placeId in the Places provider field, but doesn't work.
Can you give me some exaple?
By now I managed to insert coordinates and point the map on the right place, buto it doesn't show the marker
healyhatman 16 May, 2019
Your array needs to be ["id" => xxx, "content" => yyy]. Like this one, in PHP.
return array(array("id" => "ChIJwYk7-348c2sR2li3SSlMkU8", "content" => "This will be shown when you click the marker"));
peppelaria 16 May, 2019
Perfect. Works like a charm.
Thankyou very mutch
peppelaria 27 May, 2019
Ciao. Ad oggi mi sono limitato a usare il widget di chronoforms per mostrare un punto predefinito sulla mappa.
Credo che studiando le api di google sia possibile aggiornare dinamicamente l'array che popola la mappa anche se in realtΓ  non ho ancora usato il widget per questa esigenza.
In passato ho usato su diversi siti un plugin di yootheme (zoo) che ti permette di inserire l'indirizzo di partenza per ottenere le indicazioni verso il luogo di destinazione predefinito.
in questa pagina puoi trovare un esempio anche se il sito risale a diversi anni fa.
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