Pop up window hiding

PJNO 29 May, 2017
I quess there could be a bug when using delete button as pop up in dynamic action demo. In admin view it is ok as you can see in attached picture, but in Frontpage this pop up hiding under the other rows in a table view. Could I fix it somehow?
GreyHead 29 May, 2017

Usually you can solve problems like this by adding CSS to change the z-index of the pop-up message so that it appears on top of the other content.

PJNO 08 Jun, 2017
Thanks Bob, it takes awhile to understand how to do it. But it works!
souhail 28 Apr, 2018
Please tell me where i must write the css code to set z-index of the popup
GreyHead 29 Apr, 2018
Hi souhail,

You can add CSS to your listing using the Views > Custom > CSS tab

healyhatman 30 Apr, 2018
The VERY NEXT post down was me having this problem, and explaining ways how to fix it.
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