Setup tab can't be saved properly

QBaas 12 May, 2017
Hi all, a new forum member here hoping to find a solution for a quite frustrating problem.

After migration to another server, we now have a Joomla Installation in which existing Chronoforms5 forms are properly working. However, when editting a form, upon saving the configuration on the setup tab (actions on events) do get crippled somehow. Upon opening the form again, both the On Load and On Submit Events are showed as empty boxes. I can drag the proper actions in the boxes, but they are not saved correctly. Resulting obviously in a non working (non appearing) form on the site.

Can anyone shine a smart light on this issue?? Does anyone know where setup-data should be stored? In the _chronoengine_chronoforms MySQL table I found the form design in the 'content' field, but the setup-actions, I can't find. There is an encrypted 'extras' field however, which ofcourse I can't debug.

Thanks a lot in advance!!
Max_admin 12 May, 2017
Hi QBaas,

What is the php version on the new server ? if its php 7.1 then please send a message using the "Contact us" page and I will send you a patch file to apply.

If your PHP is not 7.1 then you may need to increase the max_input_vars setting on the server.

Best regards,
ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
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