Need some help with my form

apo24 11 May, 2017

I've made a form which can be found here

I'm not a programmer so I don't have a lot of experience. I need to create a form which allows customers to choose their own house by image. If they make an option, I need to show the price on the next page. For instance house number 1 costs 200k, house number 2 costs 220k and house number 3 costs 240k.

When you select house number 2 I want the total price to be visable. In this case 220k

On page 1 I've made a radio box with some options.
Beneath that is a custom code that shows modules.

In module I have a price and I would like the option to select a house. When you select you're going to the next page and get some new options to choose from, but I want the total price to be visable.

I hope I explained everything well. There's probably a much easier solution to what I've already created, but I wasn't sure how to make it.

Thank you in advance!

GreyHead 11 May, 2017
Hi Apo24,

You can look the price up after the form submits, or you could add it to the value that is submitted as for example
value="Uitbouw van 2 meter 40#240"
and separate the price out after the form submits.

Which version of ChronoForms are you using?

apo24 11 May, 2017
Hi Bob,

Tnx for your reply. I'm using V5.

Well I want the image have some sort of button saying: "submit". If you choose house number 1, on
the next page you have another image selection and the price needs to be on page 2, so that customers can see how much the total will cost real time.

So in other words, the radio buttons won't be necessary anymore. When you click on a house, you go to page 2 with another image selection, but the price from page 1 has to be visable on page2.

Hope I made myself clear.


GreyHead 12 May, 2017
Hi Apo24,

You can add a link to the images that includes the form name and the value e.g. index.php?options=com_chronoforms5&chronoform=xxx&event=yyy&house=zzz&price=999

Then the house type and price will be available in the form data of the next event

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