Missing ID or name fileds

tnet 03 Apr, 2017
First thank you for V6!

I can see there is not possible to use ID or Name at fields: Custom (HTML), link.

What I want to do event to show/hide link or custom text.

Or did I miss something? How to ID to that?

Also I feel confused about to many "names":
a) ID
b) Name
c) for example: field_checkbox_group1

Why we can see all of them?

Thank you
GreyHead 03 Apr, 2017
Hi tnet,

Sorry, I don't understand exactly what your question is :-(

The Name and ID are standard HTML attributes and you can set them to any valid values. But note that IDs need to be unique on the page, and array Names are needed for elements that can have multiple values selected.

tnet 03 Apr, 2017
Hi GreyHead,

I want to make event. Fort that I need Element identifier.

I cant see what is Element identifier at fileds Custom (HTML) or link.

GreyHead 03 Apr, 2017
Hi tnet,

Thank you - I experimented a bit and looked at the page HTML. I think that the answer is this:

+ you can use the element id prefixed with # e.g. #text1_id
+ you can use a class prefixed with . e.g. .some_class
+ or you can use an element name with no prefix. e.g. some_name

tnet 03 Apr, 2017
OK Thank you very much;-)
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