required doesnt work

Tigunn 04 Jul, 2016

I have a multipage form, he works well.
But js validation doesn't work anymore.

It's a big form with jquery script, i looked for a conflict but without success.

For testing: try quantity_serie_1 = '' on first page or email on page 2 .
If these fields are empty
js error consol said : b.match is not a function on jquery.inputmask.js (v 3.1.27, the last isnt'it?)

I tryed to remove all mask; I have no more error message. But still not asterisk, js validation and (WTF!) error messsage.

In form's setup tab, on each event, I placed items in this order: multipage, load css, custom code, load js, js validation, html render. Custom code contains php; load js contains js with jquery script (namespace jQuery, no $).
js validation works with (very) older version of my form, and with simple form.

I looking for a conflict for 2 days, please HELP !
GreyHead 04 Jul, 2016
Hi Tigunn,

The problem might be with the form name: sport-dossards-FR-v1.8 - please try removing the . from that e.g. sport-dossards-FR-v1_8

Tigunn 04 Jul, 2016
that's wonderful! you're a genius, a god!
GreyHead 04 Jul, 2016
Hi Tigunn,

Good to hear that it works.

ChronoForms uses the form name in various ways in both JavaScript and PHP as a variable name and having special characters in there can break that. Best to stick to A-Za-z0-9 and underscore (dash is usually OK but can cause problems with MySQL database queries).


PS I did post this yesterday to one of the other multiple copies of you post. It looks as if Max has fixed that problem now :-)
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