French language

giulia72 28 Jun, 2016
I'm building a website in English/ French.

How can I translate the forms in French?

Thank you
GreyHead 28 Jun, 2016
Hi Giulia,

The visible part of a form are mostly Labels - you can add those in French along with any text you need to add in Custom Code elements. In most other places visible text can be added in French too. If you have particular problems please ask here.

Note: that you cannot use accented characters like à é ç ê in input names or ids.

giulia72 29 Jun, 2016
ok thank you I didn'see I could change the button label in Custom code.

Thank you again
GreyHead 29 Jun, 2016
Hi Gulia,

You can do it in the individual element settings in the Designer tab. If you edit the Custom Code then you can no longer use the Designer tab to edit your form.

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