Radiobox too long option

enzo.orsi 09 Jun, 2016
I am quite sure someone else saw the same problem, but I cannot find anymore the post.
Do you know why in case the option of radiobox is too long, it is shown like this?
I am afraid it is some problem with template...but I do not have idea how to solve it...
Thank you!!!
GreyHead 10 Jun, 2016
Hi enzo,orsi,

The problem is that the radio box labels are too long. The best way to fix this is shorter labels. You can probably improve it a bit by adding line-breaks and editing the CSS to left align the label text

enzo.orsi 10 Jun, 2016
I solved just adding a "Load CSS" as follows:

.control-label {
   text-align:left !important;

.gcore-label-checkbox {
   display:inline !important;
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