ipn processing subscriptions

t3living 07 May, 2016
i am processing subscription payments and the ipn listener does not seem to process/handle the subscription signup notifications? how can I gain access to these ipn posts?
GreyHead 08 May, 2016
Hi t3living.

I don't think that the PayPal Redirect action supports Subscription payments :-( I would probably use the Lionite PayPal API library to set this up.

You can get debug back from the PayPal LIstener by adding email action(s) to the events and putting your debug code in the email template e.g.
echo'<div>$form->data: '.print_r($form->data, true).'</div>';

t3living 09 May, 2016
the plugin seems to handle the IPN notifications for the payments associated with a subscription, but it does not handle
[txn_type] => subscr_cancel 
[txn_type] => subscr_signup

these must be filtered in the code. any hope or ability to change this?
GreyHead 09 May, 2016
Hi t3living,

Have you tried he Extra Params box on the Advanced tab of the PayPal ReDirect action?

t3living 09 May, 2016
I use the extra params for posting things to paypal. I'm talking about the IPN listener which verifies the $_POST response from paypal and stuffs $_POST variables into $form->data. When you submit a payment which includes extra params to create a subscription, paypal does two things. 1). it creates a paypal subscription profile and returns an IPN about the creation of the subscription profile, and 2). it performs an instant payment and returns a second IPN about the payment. Currently, the IPN listener in cf only handles the payment IPN, not the profile IPN. I have an email in my listener setup that sends the $_POST data to me and a second email that sends once the IPN message has been verified. the profile IPNs trigger a raw $_POST email, but then nothing from the IPN listener. They don't fail validation, but they also don't pass any data.
GreyHead 09 May, 2016
HI t3living,

If the IPN URLs are the same then I guess that you could use an Event Switcher in the IPN event, check what info is being sent, handle the Profile URL with custom code and the Payment URL with the listener action.

t3living 09 May, 2016
I will look at that.
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