row cutted

hubneraf 04 May, 2016

i use chronoconnectivity and it works! I can read all row of my database.

The only problem is the rows are cutted... the text in the row ends about 250 character...

i use display tipe:table

and in column list i use: connection_name.field_name:text1
GreyHead 05 May, 2016
Hi hubneraf,

When the table was created you have probably left the column Type as VARCHAR(255). That will limit the data saved to 255 bytes. Please change the column Type to TEXT to save longer messages.

hubneraf 05 May, 2016
but in chronoform i read all row, only in chronoconnectivity i read a cute row...
hubneraf 05 May, 2016
resolved. thanks
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