Hidden Fields and Multi-page Forms

jax_pls 03 May, 2016
Hi, this is a 2 part question:

1. What is the easiest way to aggregate all the session data to the final form from a multi-form setup so all session data can be sent via POST to an external URL?

2. Is there a way to hide the label on an element that is hidden using an event. I am able to get the text field to not show but the label of the hidden element is still showing.
jax_pls 04 May, 2016
Resolved the label issue by creating a nested container, saving it as a DIV then using the event on the drop-down to show or hide the div container.

Still need help on the session data though.
GreyHead 04 May, 2016
Hi jax_pls,

1. Use the Data to Session and Session to Data actions. If they are different forms you need to add a identifier string in the Session Key box.

2. Use the Show/Hide Parent settings

jax_pls 05 May, 2016
Do I need to put a data to session action on each page and then the session to data on the final page where the submit action is?
GreyHead 05 May, 2016
Hi jax_pls,

Yes, that should work.

If you need any of the intermediate results you can add a Session to Data action on each page.

Note that if you are using File Uploads, or changing any submitted data then the Data to Session should come after those action.

Personally, I prefer to save the data from a multi-page form to a database record after each page is submitted. If you carry forward the Primary key value of the record then you can update the record on each page submit.

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