tcpdf issue with header separation line

teldrive 02 May, 2016
Hi Bob
let me know if you can help me , how to eliminate header separation line, in new tcp action appears although there is not defined anything on this field
teldrive 03 May, 2016
Thanks Bob 😀
yet it works
teldrive 06 May, 2016
just to add I had to comment "cell" in footer line also
		//Print page number
		if ($this->getRTL()) {
			//$this->Cell(0, 0, $pagenumtxt, 'T', 0, 'L');
		} else {
			//$this->Cell(0, 0, $this->getAliasRightShift().$pagenumtxt, 'T', 0, 'R');
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