Update to 5.0.11 seems to have broken something

MaestroC 02 May, 2016
Is it possible to install 5.0.10 over the top of 5.0.11 without causing problems? I think I need to roll back to the previous version but don't want to do so without checking first.

After updating CF to 5.0.11 something seems to be broken now that was not before. Perhaps some change was made in that release that would make this fail to work? This is closely related slightly to a former forum post here:

To make the story short, some variables are being passed into the form from a module that is active on the page. They include this snippet of code:

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function() {
jQuery = jQuery.noConflict();


jQuery("#coachname").val(Joe Stoffel');



After the update whenever someone tries to submit the form located at:

The system responds that all the fields must be completed. All of the ones that are required on the form are being completed, so I am guessing the missing ones are the email and coach name? Only thing is that the debug info seems to show that they are being provided. See the other referenced forum post for an example of the debug info.

Any idea what might be causing this? If nothing else can I install the previous version of CF? I can't roll back the whole system as too many other changes have taken place since I updated CF.
GreyHead 03 May, 2016
Hi MaestroC,

I believe that we solved this by email. There was an options list with some empty lines in it that gave ChronoForms indigestion.

MaestroC 04 May, 2016
Yep. Bob fixed it! He's AWESOME!

Thank you!
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