Add up and Show total at the end of form before submission

syhussaini 30 Apr, 2016
Hello Team,

Before writing this question I have gone through several posts to find a solution for my query, please help me.

I need help to show the total amount of the selected values at the end of form before submission. I am new to JavaScripts and Very new to PHP and hence would need help.

Here is the for that I created using Chronoforms:
I tried to make a form to match this one:

Please help me.

Syed H
GreyHead 01 May, 2016
Hi Syed,

You will need help from someone familiar with JavaScript to write the code you need. It's not exactly the same as the other form so you can't just copy that. It would probably take 30 minutes or more to write and debug so not something I have time to do in the forums here.

There are some example calculations in the forums but in my experience each calculation requirement is different so it is next to impossible to post FAQs that are useful.

syhussaini 01 May, 2016

Thank you for your inputs, I am ready to gain your help off the forums to get this completed. Can you please tell me how can we proceed on this.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Syed H
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